Top 4 reasons why you should grow your own weed.

Davis has 5 local cannabis storefronts and many delivery service options, but what about growing your own weed? Is that even legal? Here are 4 reasons you should take 420 into your own hands.

  • To start with. Because you can. Well call me silly but I believe just the fact that we can grow, we should. You’d go straight to jail for growing this same damn plant in Texas. In Davis, if you are over 21 you can grow 6 plants. Obviously, you need to check your lease if you are renting as most will prohibit you from growing your own lil baby weeed plants. But if you own or have permission from your landlord. Grow. 
  • Most recreational weed sucks. Next time you pick up that overpriced 8th, look at the compliance label and find the “packaged date”. Not fresh. While the best weed in America is undoubtedly grown right here in sunny California, the undisputed capital of cannabis. You will however most likely never find that weed at your local cannabis retailer. At last count, there were less than 800 operational storefronts in the entire state of California. 80% of them all order their products off the same 4 wholesale menus. State laws make it next to impossible to get fresh, properly cured, weed to the retailer. If you are looking for retailers that may have actual fresh weed check out these “micro-business” that grow, package, and sell flowers in the same building.
  • It’s called WEED for a reason. Look I’m not saying it is easy to grow award-winning weed, but I am saying if anything is growing in your backyard at all… then weed can too.If you have any experience in the garden, think tomatoes, then you will be just fine on your cannabis cultivation journey.  If you are intimidated by starting out with 6 plants just grow a couple. You’ll get better every time and smoking weed you grew yourself puts a different kinda smile on your face. 
  • Cost. This may be the most obvious reason. It takes a long time (grow cycle) to get to the point where there are sticky buds in your pipe, but once you’ve harvested your crop and it’s ready to smoke the price per gram isn’t even comparable to the recreational market. Even the cheapest (worst) weed at retailers costs more than watering a plant every three days. 

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