Where da weed at?

If you are set on getting your weed from one of the storefronts here in Davis I’d suggest checking out their menus online before you go. You can quickly find yourself in paralysis by analysis situation if you go in blind. This is also the same reason why budtenders are so influential. Many new users walk into a store and their minds melted as they are presented with what can seem like endless options. As they are overwhelmed by these insane menus. It’s out of control.. I’m looking for the first retailer that adopts a super simple IN-N-OUT type menu. Am I crazy here? We have weed you can inhale… I’m talking about vapes and flower… then we have weeed you can eat… I’m talking about any damn weed product that you don’t smoke… think gummies, drinks, patches, lotions. Who will be the first to make a digestible menu? Have you seen one?

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