Weed stores in Davis, CA.

Davis California was progressive with their cannabis licensing in 2018 once the state passed Amendment 64 creating a reactional, for profit, cannabis market. On the basis of population the city awarded 5 (five) cannabis store fronts, and said that many was needed to make sure there was a “competitive market”. Ok. Here is a list and map of beautiful Davis, California’s five cannabis stores. Yes, walk in and buy weeeeed if you’re over 21+ stores. In alphabetical order…

420 F St. – 420 F St, Davis, CA 95616
Davis Cannabis Collective – 2121 2nd St c101, Davis, CA 95618
Kind Farma – 946 Olive Dr, Davis, CA 95616
Mainstage – 1605 2nd St, Davis, CA 95616
Stiiizy – 965 Olive Dr Ste G – 1, Davis, CA 95616